Unbuilders is Canada’s foremost deconstruction company. The Vancouver-based company passionately works against the exceedingly wasteful way in which buildings are typically bulldozed. By carefully dismantling structures — unbuilding properties — and harvesting lumber from the urban environment, they’re able to salvage valuable resources and reclaim overlooked materials that would otherwise end up in Canadian landfills. 

Adam Corneil, CEO of Unbuilders, founded the company in 2018 on the desire to replace wasteful demolition practices with unbuilding. His thoughtful and sustainable approach to demolition earned him an appearance on CBC’s hit television show, Dragon’s Den and the coveted ‘dragon sweep’ with keen interest from all six investors

On November 1, 2020, Coldwater Communications launched at month-long earned media campaign aimed at highlightIng Adam’s recent appearance on Dragon’s Den, raising awareness of “unbuilding” and its positive contributions to the industry and environment. 

The Work

  • Immediately following Adam’s appearance on Dragon’s Den, Coldwater Communications launched a BC-based targeted media outreach campaign to secure earned media coverage
  • Developed two media pitches focused on business and sustainability — core themes of the Unbuilders story
  • Curated an extensive and targeted list of news outlets and reporters based in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Interior BC
  • Pitched print, digital, radio and television media contacts that cover business, sustainability, and lumber agriculture
  • Coordinated interview requests and photoshoots between reporters and Unbuilders’ CEO

The Results

  • Secured over 70 pieces of print, broadcast and online coverage in outlets across BC, including Vancouver Island and the interior 
  • Secured coverage in media outlets such as Business in Vancouver, Victoria News, and North Shore News
  • Ourl PR campaign raised brand awareness of Unbuilders in tandem with their social media campaign