Ducks Unlimited Canada is a non-profit organization that has been preserving Canada’s wetlands for more than 80 years. They take a scientific approach to conserving habitat for North American waterfowl, wildlife, and people. Coldwater Communications has been fortunate to work for them on campaigns both locally in BC, and nation-wide. 

On Monday, May 20th, 2022, Coldwater Communications executed an earned media campaign in British Columbia to bring attention to target audiences for Project Dragonfly, a national citizen science initiative from Ducks Unlimited Canada. 

The target readers/listeners/viewers included mainstream audiences unfamiliar with Ducks Unlimited Canada’s work. More notably, young urbanites of diverse backgrounds with an interest in the natural world and a concern about climate change and biodiversity loss. These audience members had the potential to engage with Ducks Unlimited Canada as a member, donor, or advocate. Municipalities, city council members, and potential landowner and industry partners were secondary audiences.

The Work

  • Coldwater curated a detailed media list and contacted a total of 80 reporters in 31 media outlets across British Columbia. 
  • Developed a focused media pitch with a strong BC conservation and science angle 
  • Ran a two-week campaign pitching and following up with journalists across print, TV, online, and radio
  • Coordinated interview requests and Q&A sessions between reporters and Ducks Unlimited Canada staff and volunteer citizen scientists for print, TV, radio, and online coverage

The Results

  • Coldwater Communications secured 93 pieces of earned media coverage throughout British Columbia reaching several different outlets and geographical locations which included 89 online articles, 3 print articles and 1 video news segment
  • Global BC News reporter, Aaron MacArthur went into the field and met with UBC dragonfly researcher, Rassim Khelifa
  • Global BC News obtained great visuals and interviews and the filmed segment was featured on the 6 pm Global BC News on July 18, 2022
  • Some outlets that covered the story included the Vancouver Sun, The Abbotsford News, The Victoria Times Colonist, The Province, North Island Gazette, Alaska Highway News, Vancouver is Awesome, CBC Radio, and Global BC
  • The success of Project Dragonfly BC motivated Coldwater Communications and the Ducks Unlimited Team to expand the campaign nationally and into Ontario to raise awareness about how wetland conservation is critical to the future of dragonflies and damselflies and their habitats


Coverage Highlights: