Media Training Services

Coldwater Communications offers media training and communications coaching to enable you to confidently navigate today’s fast-paced media landscape. We host full and half-day workshops focused on how to identify, prepare, and effectively communicate your message and story through on camera presentations and interviews.  

Participants will learn how the media works, how to craft dynamic and engaging messages, and practice effective presentation skills for  audio, TV, and online formats. The training  can be customized based on your specific needs and goals.

With decades of experience working closely with journalists, editors, and media outlets, both  behind-the-scenes as well as in front of the camera, our team will guide you through everything you need to know to find your voice, tell your story, and create impact. Invest in practical skills and gain insider knowledge that can help grow your business, brand, and future opportunities. 

Full-Day Media Training Workshop

Duration: 6 Hours

Cost: $750/person = $3,000+GST (maximum of 4 participants)

Course Description:

This interactive virtual workshop covers  how to confidently navigate today’s evolving media landscape and tell your story with maximum impact. We  will introduce you to the fundamentals of media literacy, what it takes to secure coverage, and prepare you for print, audio, and on-camera interviews. 

Spend the day with a seasoned media expert and experience practical on-camera rehearsals that help hone your interview skills **The full-day course includes two hours of on-camera interview practice with in-depth review and feedback. 

The complete  workshop covers:

  • Media Dynamics: An Overview of Media Relations — understand the value of good media, what the media is looking for, how it  operates, what makes a story newsworthy, etc.);
  • Honing your Message — learn how to identify and craft your key messages; 
  • Effective media presentation —  on-air (video and audio) presentation tips, interview do’s and don’ts, how  to connect with your audience, how to use non-verbal communication, tips and tricks to reinforce your message, boost credibility and increase engagement;
  • Interviews: How to gain and maintain  control and stay on message. 
  • Simulated interview scenarios. Practice, get feedback, and hone your interview skills for print, audio and visual media
  • Participants will each receive a 5-minute recorded interview with written feedback and tips

Half-Day Media Training Workshop

Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: $500/person = $2,000+GST (maximum of 4 participants)

Half-day training sessions are available and cover a condensed form of the same material as in the full-day course . These sessions will help you learn and master  how to  navigate today’s evolving media landscape and tell your story with maximum impact. Again each participant will receive a 5 minute recorded interview with real-world feedback and tips.

To inquire about media training or book a session, please contact us.

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