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Amplify Canada Podcast

Coldwater founder Theodora Jean shares how technology allows her to employ industry leaders and how Coldwater Communications thrives during, and post, COVID-19. “What’s great is that you’re not limited to regional talent pools. It’s allowed us to bring in the best people from across the country without geographical limitations,” she says. Hear more from about how technology is changing the world of business, in the Episode 10 of Amplify Canada.

Whistler Film Festival Announcement

Whistler Film Festival, the annual international film festival held in Whistler, British Columbia—also known as ‘Canada’s Coolest Film Fest’—has announced they are now represented by Squamish-based public relations agency Coldwater Communications.  Read the Whistler Film Festival announcement.

Everything Podcasts Partnership

Everything Podcasts reinforces its commitment to supporting businesses with women at the helm in partnering with Coldwater Communications, which will amplify impactful storytelling through media outreach, advocacy, and thought leadership. Read more about our Everything Podcasts partnership.