Award Applications

Awards aren’t just for bragging rights. They can also provide increased visibility in your industry, as well as be an important factor in establishing yourself as a thought-leader, creating increased credibility, and attracting top talent to your business. But award applications can be tricky. 

Maximizing your chances of winning requires strategic thought, creative writing and an ability to meet all awards application criteria. No matter how talented or deserving you are, the quality of your award application can make or break your chances of actually taking the award home. 

That’s why awards applications are one of our specialties at Coldwater Communications. As public relations professionals, we’re expert storytellers. 

Best Practices

We understand the subtleties of awards applications and how they are assessed. From submission to documentation criteria, we assemble a strong application package for a wide range of awards.


Our talented team has the chops to craft a compelling and convincing case for why you, your team members, or your business deserve to receive recognition.

Past Work

We’ve helped clients in a wide variety of industries apply for awards that celebrate and commemorate their hard work. Accolade recipients include BlackboxMyCar, whose CEO won Young Entrepreneur of the Year from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce in 2019, and Marwick Marketing CEO, Christian Thomson, who was recognized in Business in Vancouver’s prestigious Forty Under 40 in 2020.

Award Categories



Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Women in Business


Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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