Owned and operated by Canadian doctors and nurses, Rockdoc is on a mission to help Canadians navigate healthcare services and solutions beyond the standard of care. With facilities and laboratories across Canada, Rockdoc’s patient-first, innovative services help people choose care quickly and efficiently using modern technology. 

In Fall 2023, Rockdoc launched the Cold & Flu Rescue Kit, Canada’s first at-home testing solution with telehealth support for Influenza A and B, Strep throat, and COVID-19. This kit provides a step-by-step test , with results in 15 minutes and referrals to a licensed physician for consultation and prescriptions. The kit can be ordered online for overnight delivery in Canada or via DoorDash.

The Work

Coldwater Communications developed a custom strategic plan based on industry research and  executed a cross-Canada multi-tactic campaign, which included media relations, media training, social media influencer management, and creation of b-roll visual assets to build awareness of Rockdoc’s new Cold & Flu Rescue Kit.

The research and analysis phase of the campaign included the identification of risks and developing mitigation plans. Coldwater Communications carefully monitored the 2022-2023 flu season drawing on government monitoring and survey data to identify the time to introduce the Cold & Flu Rescue Kit to Canadians.

Coldwater Communications developed 4 custom pitches geared towards parents of children under 16, people 40-55 years old without access to primary care providers, as well as  industry and employer audiences in B2B markets. Following targeted media outreach, Coldwater Communications prepared and distributed a newswire press release announcing the launch of the Cold & Flu Rescue Kit. 

To prepare Rockdoc founder Dr. Sam Gutman for video interviews with CTV, Global News, CityNews, and Conversations that Matter, Coldwater’s media training expert provided two sessions of media and thought leadership training to ensure Rockdoc’s messaging and value proposition would be communicated with clarity and impact.

As Respiratory Syncytial Virus became a major health story in late 2022, media pitching pivoted to Rockdoc’s in-person RSV testing service in Vancouver, Halifax and Winnipeg. Coldwater Communications sent a custom targeted media pitch for each city where the clinics were opening, securing news coverage in print or broadcast in all markets.

The second phase of the campaign focused on social media influencers. Coldwater shortlisted relevant, brand-friendly influencers, in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. All posted their Instagram content on the Cold & Flu Rescue Kit to positive reactions and engagements from their audiences.


The campaign generated interest across mainstream outlets in Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Vancouver. TV news interviewed Rockdoc founder Dr. Samuel Gutman about the Cold & Flu Rescue Kits and in-person RSV testing, as well as to discuss the Canadian healthcare system. Television coverage made use of the Coldwater-produced custom B-roll footage, providing value for Rockdoc.

The Results

Rockdoc received 36 pieces of earned media coverage in total. The coverage for the campaign received:

  • 1.3 million total online coverage views
  • 31 online/print stories, 3 pieces of TV coverage, 1 longform web/TV video interview, 1 piece of radio coverage, 1 piece of earned (free) influencer coverage
  • Views on social media exceeding 64,500
  • Total unique website visitors per month totaling 173.2 million.
  • Early analysis on influencer posts by the Klear platform suggests that the estimated media value is over 5x what the client paid for the influencer partnerships.

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