By Christian Smith, PR Intern

Content creation, big or small, is no easy feat. Whether you are posting personally or professionally, navigating the digital world can be a tricky task. To get the most out of your online presence, consider the following three useful tips the next time you schedule a post.

Stories are your best friend!

The reason Instagram stories are so great is because they reach a considerably larger audience than the posts on your feed will. This is because followers are more likely to click through multiple stories, than swipe down their feed. The platform is constantly improving the function, giving creators the ability to tailor their stories to their unique needs. Instagram also recently added a feature to include a link as a sticker to stories, which provides more creative control. This new function allows creators to choose where the link best fits onto the post, versus the traditional swipe up function which also was used to block reactions.

Don’t be shy, get creative!

There is no right or wrong way to post, so when it comes to being active on social platforms, get creative! Instagram and TikTok are specifically designed to be user friendly so you can self express easily. For example, try putting your own twist on a trending sound on TikTok — these can be added before or after filming your video. Using viral sounds will likely boost your views as they are more likely to show up on viewers’ feeds!

Like, share, and subscribe! 

Online engagement is huge when it comes to posting on both personal and business accounts. The content we see is all filtered to us through algorithms that know what we like based on our online activity and, though everyone’s online agenda is different, staying active will improve those personal algorithmic touches. So, go crazy with adding hashtags and locations to your posts because these small details will help your posts find their way on the appropriate feeds.

Social media offers a unique way to engage with the world around us, and one of the best ways to explore it is to have fun with the content you create and the people you connect with.

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