Thought leadership is about positioning our clients as industry influencers, community builders, problem solvers, idea innovators, and agents of positive change.

Through earned media, personal publicity, and award nominations, we can increase the public’s awareness of our clients and their brands, and the important work they do.  Earned media is a powerful way to increase client credibility to niche audiences and the wider community. Our objective is to work closely with our clients to find the most effective pathways to communicate their message and tell their brand story while building authentic, sustainable, and mutually-beneficial relationships between them and the media. When connecting the media with our clients, the Coldwater team provides fresh ideas that can help get consistent results that positively impact our clients’ business, reputation, and overall reach.

Thought leaders drive positive social impact. Each client we work with has a unique story to tell, and each is on an important journey. Whether creating innovative solutions for their industry or positive change within their communities, each client offers a unique outlook to an issue that sets them apart, and this passion and narrative helps define them. Thought leadership goes beyond the product or service—it’s the ideas that audiences resonate with and the positive impacts they can have on society. By interacting with the content and brand, the consumer feels as though they are participating in this social change, and engages on an emotional level.

In the past two years, Coldwater has worked with numerous clients who were thought leaders in their industries and communities. Their customers, stakeholders, and industry partners hold their brands and products in high regard because of the clear brand story and message: they are passionate about their own niche and provide ethical, sustainable, or impactful solutions. Examples include innovative brands, academics, researchers, and business owners.

At Coldwater Communications, we strive to be thought leaders in public relations and communications in Canada. We produce our owned media assets such as blog posts, case studies, and social posts on industry trends and best practices to position ourselves as a credible source for industry insights, thus increasing our reputation within our industry, with our clients, and other industry leaders.

Coldwater Communications can help you define (and refine) your ideas, your story, and your brand. By working with clients and organizations that strive for positive social impact and deeper community connection, we feel that we make a real difference in our communities.