That’s a quote from Albert Einstein. He and some of the world’s greatest thinkers believed, in essence, thoughts become reality. What you think about has the power to transform into what you can see, feel, and touch. The imagination is the starting point of all possibilities. 

Yet you can think about writing that book or starting that business or taking that dream vacation for a long time—it doesn’t necessarily mean what you’ve been thinking hard about is going to magically happen. Thinking about something is one thing; doing it is another. 

Coldwater Communications started out as just that: a thought. It arrived as a small nudge from the universe. The idea was this: you can do something you enjoy, something you’re good at, while helping others. Simple enough, right? Only the idea grew and grew, both due to increased demand and the pursuit of opportunities. What would it be like to work with the thought-leaders of the world, to build community connections, to tell people’s stories? How would all of this happen? How COULD it happen? Of course many of the thoughts were fused with doubt and fear, because you know, we’re human. But by this point, the thoughts and ideas had fused with desire; the desire to connect with people, learn from their experiences, and tell their stories so they can be seen and heard. And that desire led to action. 

Of course, this is a summarized version of how Coldwater Communications came to be. But when we follow a thought, investigate where it comes from and how it makes us feel, it allows us to envision a situation that is greater than our fear and self-doubt. And sometimes, it leads us to really exciting places. 

In May 2020, we celebrated Coldwater’s one year anniversary. The past year, we’ve met countless people who have inspired us and supported our growth. The thought became a reality.

So trust in yourself. Trust in your vision. And trust that your imagination can lead you to great things.